Modes, Chords & Improvisations

In this video Manolis explains the main scales used in Greek popular music, demonstrates the positions of the fingers for each scale on the four string bouzouki and improvises. The modes included are C MajorC HouzamC RastC SegniahC PireotikosC HidjazC HidjaskiarA MinorA NiaventA Harmonic MinorA KiourntiA Oussak and A Sabah. There are no English subtitles in this video. However, we have titled each mode both in Greek and English to help non Greek speakers follow the analysis.

Please note that the whole subject of Greek Modes, Maqams, Eastern Scales, Byzantine Modes etc is very broad. A lot of musicians understand and play modes with similar names or structures in different ways. In these videos we present the way Manolis understands and uses them. We hope this material becomes a valuable source of knowledge and a useful aid to anyone who wants to learn bouzouki and Greek Popular music. We have given the video a pretty low price for what it is in order for everyone to be able to acquire it without having to illegally copy it.


  1. C Major
  2. C Houzam
  3. C Rast
  4. C Segniah
  5. C Pireotikos
  6. C Hidjaz
  7. C Hidjaskiar
  8. A Minor
  9. A Niavent
  10. A Harmonic Minor
  11. A Kiournti
  12. A Oussak
  13. A Sabah

Duration: 54′ 54″

Price: £21
(approx. 24€ or US$27, depending on exchange rates)

*this video was formerly called ‘2013 – 1 (Modes)’ because it was the first video to publish for 2013.

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