Phraseology – Kiournti

Music phrases (licks) are key in using the modes and maqams on the bouzouki. It is one thing to know the notes of the mode and another to use them. For this reason, we are publishing “Phrases on Bouzouki” by the great bouzouki player Manolis Karantinis. It is a superb set of videos featuring key-phrases (licks) in each mode.

In the video, Manolis plays the scale – “abc” notation, solfège – a beautiful improvisation and a smashing set of phrases. The bouzouki was recorded with an AKG 414 microphone by the exceptional sound engineer Athanasios Gikas, at Mythos Studios, Athens.

First mode is “Kiournti”, an extraordinary maqam combining a Minor tetra-chord and a Hidjaz penta-chord. It has a beautifully changing colour which can be used in compositions and improvisations alongside other scales. The video demonstrates the scale, one improvisation, and fourteen amazing phrases in two speeds, standard and slow, zooming on the bouzouki fretboard.

The modes played by Greek bouzouki players are named and categorised differently than in jazz or middle eastern music.

Duration: 8′ 00″

Price: £9
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