New Website

Dear friends, Our website had not changed much -not at all actually- since 2012. There were also some issues with the emails (sometimes they would not arrive at all), so we decided to bite the bullet, do a major re-design and replace the e-commerce platform, too. We...

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Introduction to Bouzouki

Dear friends, You can now acquire one more video from It is a beginner's lesson on bouzouki where Manolis shows how to hold the bouzouki and the plectrum and how to use the plectrum. He also, shows some demo exercises and makes a very simple...

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Bouzouki Scales

Dear Friends, In June we filmed Manolis, in Athens, making an extensive analysis on bouzouki playing. In this video he explains the main scales used in Greek popular music, demonstrates the positions of the fingers for each scale on the four string bouzouki and...

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Part 2 is out

Dear Friends, We have decided to publish the Second Part of the seminar in two sub-sections of £5 each, so that we can make it more affordable and accessible to the public. Please bear in mind that similarly to the first part, the second part is also not subtitled...

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Part 1 is out

We launched the website a bit over 24 hours ago and we already had our first visitors. We even had our first sales of the 1st part. Thank you for your response; we hope you will appreciate the video.

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