Part 2 is out

Dear Friends,

We have decided to publish the Second Part of the seminar in two sub-sections of £5 each, so that we can make it more affordable and accessible to the public.

Please bear in mind that similarly to the first part, the second part is also not subtitled yet.

However, because of its richness in playing we think it can still be of valuable use to non-Greek speakers.

We hope you enjoy it!
Best regards,
the team

Section 1

  1. Changes in songs from Major to Minor and comments
  2. Reference to Ushak Mode
  3. Italian style of playing on Bouzouki
  4. Plectrum and general technique and practice methods!
  5. Old Bouzouki players as points of reference
  6. Particular reference to Giorgos Zambetas

Section 2

  1. Reference to the styles of playing of Manolis Hiotis, Yiannis Paleologou, Vassilis Tsitsanis, Kostas Papadopoulos
  2. Comment about 3 and 4-string Bouzouki playing
  3. Comment on the style and development of a Taximi
  4. Thoughts on the general approach to Bouzouki playing
  5. Story of Karantinis Performing with Vassilas and Paleologou
  6. Quick reference to other performers


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