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This video is the first section of the second part of the seminar that took place in London on February 2012. The reason that the second part was split into two sections was to make it more affordable (each section is £5 while the first part was £10).

Please bear in mind that similarly to the first part, the second part is also not subtitled yet. However, because of its richness in playing we think it can still be of valuable use to non-Greek speakers.


  1. Changes in songs from Major to Minor and comments
  2. Reference to Ushak Mode
  3. Italian style of playing on Bouzouki
  4. Plectrum and general technique and practice methods!
  5. Old Bouzouki players as points of reference
  6. Particular reference to Giorgos Zambetas

Price: £5
(approx. 6€ or US$7, depending on exchange rates)

*this video was formerly called ‘2012 – 2 (Part 2) Section 1’ because it was the first of two sections of the second set of videos to publish in 2012.

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