Bouzouki Scales

Dear Friends,

In June we filmed Manolis, in Athens, making an extensive analysis on bouzouki playing. In this video he explains the main scales used in Greek popular music, demonstrates the positions of the fingers for each scale on the four string bouzouki and improvises.

Although this video is much longer than the previous ones, we would to keep make it more affordable and accessible to the public. Therefore we priced It at £21, a fairly reasonable amount for such a valuable source of learning bouzouki.

Please bear in mind that similarly to the previous parts, this video is also not subtitled yet. However, because of its richness in playing we think it can still be of valuable use to non-Greek speakers.

We hope you enjoy it!
Best regards,
the team


  1. C Major
  2. C Houzam
  3. C Rast
  4. C Segniah
  5. C Pireotikos
  6. C Hidjaz
  7. C Hidjaskiar
  8. A Minor
  9. A Niavent
  10. A Harmonic Minor
  11. A Kiournti
  12. A Oussak
  13. A Sabah

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