Den Thelo Pia na Ksanarthis

Dear friends,

About an hour ago, or so, we noticed that Manolis uploaded on his Facebook page a video from a few years back. Generally speaking we don’t like these videos, but this one is exceptionally good for two reasons: a) The singer is none other than Mary Linda, one of the big divas of Rebetiko and; b) this video shows Manolis’ hands on the bouzouki for much longer than usual, therefore we think that it might be of use to you to see how he opts to play this particular song, Den Thelo Pia na Ksanarthis (Δεν Θέλω Πια να Ξαναρθείς), by another bouzouki virtuoso and famous song-writer, the great Manolis Hiotis.

One point we would like to make is that fact that Manolis seems to enjoying himself while playing this song, so much. You can see him smiling happily at 1:12 in to the video. In fact for the most part of this video he has a smile on his face despite the fact that he is focused on the task at hand!

So, pump up the volume and enjoy Mary Linda and Manolis Karantinis.

With best regards,
The team

P.S. The video is from the ERT TV programme “Stin Ygia Mas”.


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