Phrases on Bouzouki

We are delighted to release the new series: “Phraseology”, our best ever material by the great Manolis Karantinis. The series features key phrases on the four-string bouzouki on all modes covered in previous releases.

Phrases are vital for bouzouki playing. They encapsulate the essence of the modes and the character of the players. Sharing them is like sharing a lifetime of practice and performance experience. For the first time ever, Manolis Karantinis is exposing his style and technique to the world in a focused and detailed manner.

First mode is “Kiournti“, an extraordinary maqam combining a Minor tetra-chord and a Hidjaz penta-chord. It has a beautifully changing colour which can be used in compositions and improvisations alongside other scales. The video demonstrates the scale, one improvisation, and fourteen amazing phrases in two speeds, standard and slow, zooming on the bouzouki fretboard.


  1. Greek bouzouki modes are named, categorized and used differently than similar modes in Turkish, Indian, Persian and jazz music.
  2. Recording by Athanasios Gikas, at Mythos Studios, Athens.
  3. Recording microphone AKG 414.

Music phrases (licks) are key in using the modes and maqams on the bouzouki. It is one thing to know the notes of the mode and another to use them.…

Second in the "Phrases on Bouzouki" series in Niavent. This mode has a clear minor (harmonic) colour with a sharp 4th note. Sometimes that note is simply understood as an…

The third video in the series is Hidjaz and Hidjazskiar. These two modes have a common tetra-chord in the lower part of the scale: Semitone - 1.5 Tone - Semitone.